1947 game fish cyclopedia map

I have for sale a 1947 Fish Game Cyclopedia Map, Seagram Distillers Corp. N.Y.C,
Litho in USA, It is 30"L x 40"W, It has a House of Seagrams Integrity, Tradition, Craftsmanship Seal on the map ( shown below in pics) It also has a legend that explains various numbers and symbols on the map.
The outside border of the map is pictures of fish that were painted by Charles DeFeo and records from Field and Stream. The fish have numbers posted by them that match an area on the map w the particular fish is found.
It is a very colorful and interesting historical map that would add to anyones collection or to have it framed to hang on a wall.
The only damage is outside corner edges are somewhat tattered but only the bottom left corner has a little damage that is part of the map, the other slight damage is on the other corners with no damage to the map itself just the white border.