1947 IDAHO license plate (JIMMY'S GARAGE)

This and all other plates that are titled "Jimmy's Garage" are from the collection of world renowned plate collector James K. Fox, author of the license plate collector's bible, License Plates of the United States . I have been commissioned to sell, on consignment, all of the plates in this immense and superb collection. Many regular eBay shoppers are familiar with my license plate offerings under the GIBBY1208 user ID. You can expect the same quality service and attention that is reflected in feedback ratings for PowerSeller, gibby1208. SPECIAL NOTE : For those purchasing large quantities of plates, I will use a flat rate box whenever possible, which will cost the buyer $9.00 total. Many of these plates are as found in Jimmy's garage, and have not been cleaned or even washed. As a result, I have not graded many of them. T are many mint unissued plates being offered, so don't hesitate to ask questions. Clean them yourself, and save a bundle! Many of these plates are in multiples. Just ask, if you want to see another listing of a sold plate. Keep watching for new Jimmy's Garage plate offerings each week, from the United States and all countries of the world.

I recieve a great many requests for plates from specific jurisdictions, and even specific plates. Regrettably, my personal lack of knowledge regarding world plates and
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