1947 THE MARVEL FAMILY Vol 2 No.9 - Fawcett Pub 10cents

~ 1947 ~


~ VOL. 2 No. 9, 10 cent ~

This is an original 1947 THE MARVEL FAMILY comic MARCH No. 9 "FIGHT THE LAST VIKINGS" . This 64 year old comic is in good condition with some bug damage and wear to the front cover and on the spine. Yellowing pages. The cover has strong colors is still good at both staples . Once you get inside it's not bad at all. This is the way I got it but I thought someone might still want it for their Golden Age CAPTAIN MARVEL comic book collection. Not in the best condition, but there is probably not many of this old comic around anymore. It'll fill in your collection until (or if) you can find a better copy. I ship worldwide. Thanks for looking.