1947 Miller Nativity Set Scene ~ 17 Pieces Chalkware ~ Beautifully Painted

From a local estate sale here is a vintage 1947 Miller Chalkware Nativity scene. This set consists of 17 items.

Most of these are marked "Miller 1947" (please see photos).

As a point of reference the tallest item (the camel) measures approximately 5" tall. The smallest (one of the sheep) measures approximately 1.25" tall.

There are some of them that have some small nicks and some of their original paint missing. Inspite of a few imperfections, these are still very beautiful. Whoever did the painting on these did a great job!

The set has Mary & Joseph, 2 Angels, 3 Wise Men, the Magi, a camel, 6 lambs and 1 dog. Baby Jesus is missing. The cradle is made of some type of paper that has been painted over. We have provided a photo of the cradle.

If you have questions about these items, we will answer them as quickly as possible. Please ask before you bid.

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