1948-53 Slingerland Radio King 28" x 14" Bass Drum

Greetings fellow Ebay Patrons, you are currently bidding on a 1948-53 Slingerland Radio King Bass Drum
- This drum sounds HUGE. Nice, warm and dry. Perfect for use as a concert bass or a menacing kick drum.
- The drum is in a good, operable condition with clear signs of age (the finish is chipping away, rust on lug screws etc.)
- Measures at 28" x 14"
- 12 lugs with lug screws that fit all the way through from hoop to hoop.
- Original calf skin heads stamped with "Radio King" and in great condition considering their age.
- I included some extra photos showing exposure to the shell and where the wrap around the hoops had been held together with tape.
Thank you for looking and !!!
***An additional $40.00USD required for any shipping outside of the United States***