1948 PLANTATIOn 1881 Rogers flatware by ONEIDA

Large set of ONEIDA 1881 Rogers silver plated flatware Called PLANTATION made in 1948 It is an "S" pattern. It can be identified on page 242 of the Fourth revised edition of SILVERPLATED Flatware price guide book by Tere Hagan. It is in used but nice condition It has....

12 dinner knives

5 teaspoons

12 soup spoons

11 dinner forks

8 salad forks

1 butter knife

1 standard solid serving spoon

2 Gravy Ladles

1 pie server

1 meat fork

Plus the original brochure that came with this set.

1 meat fork I am refering to this set as being set number 6 that we are listing today.

It is in what looks like used condition..in a blond colored wooden box that is tarnish restant lined fabric. The box shows a bit of wear but it is not abused at all .