1948 TalenToy Effanbee TOONGA FROM THE CONGO Puppet Marionette w/ Record & Box

Not Politically Correct, but certainly a high quality, made in the USA product of its cultural era and therefore highly collectible.
This Toonga from the Congo puppet is in excellent vintage condition. She stands about 12 inches tall and comes complete in her original box with her record of "TalenToons" and unpacking and handling instructions (see Note below). These painted wooden TalenToy puppets were produced by the Effanbee Doll Co. on Wooster St in New York City in the 1940s. Here is the Company's note from the inside lid of the box, describing the contents of the box:
An Invitation to Hours and Years of Enchantment! ------------------------- IN THIS ONE LITTLE PACKAGE IS A WHOLE NEW LIFE-LIKE WORLD OF FUN: A TalenToy Puppet is a marionette that really seems to come to life, because of the careful assembly of parts manufactured from materials selected for their quality. The heard, body, and limbs are made of hardwoods, with joints solidly pinned, stapled, or joined with eyelets. The clothing is made well, of sturdy, bright materials. The strings which support the puppet to life are strong and abrasion-resistant.
A TalenToon phonograph record, with two sides of original TalenToon stories and tunes written specially for TalenToy Puppets.
A complete and simple booklet of instructions for handling and working
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