1949 Jackson Pollock Signed Oil Painting

1949 Jackson Pollack signed oil painting

Offered for bidding is this interesting and haunting painting that is signed "J POLLOCK" "1949"
As far as art goes, my wife and I have shared an interest in art since we met more than 35 years ago. Our stories about our adventures in the art world are many and true! From times spent with the Mexican Master, Rufino Tamayo and his gracious wife, Olga, to the conversations with Charo discussing the Cugat painting we have of President Richard Nixon that was once owned by Nixon, we have many experiences that made that time in our lives very interesting, indeed!
Serendipity has always brought adventure in our lives. This probably stems from the drive to be connected to some things that were mere dreams materialized. Sadly, we always awoke to realize we were, most times, playing in a game that was out of our league.... Even Bernard Lewin, whom we knew well enough, was one to say, "Buy what you like"! We couldn't do that because money was always an issue. We bought what we could afford and invested in what seemed like good deals within our interests and pocket book. Brief interludes with the idea of opening a gallery turned sour when the gas crisis hit in 1974 and the economy went into the ditch. That's when our little shop, "Tumbleweed Gultch" located in the "Pepper

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