1949 Singer Model 15K Sewing Machine Vintage Quilter


1949 Model 15 Singer Sewing Machine

The Classic Heavy Duty Dressmaker in Beautiful Condition!

One of Singer's most popular Household sewing machine models from the1930's until the mid-1950's when the zig zag models forced these classics into the closet. Many collectors believe that after these models, Singer never again built machines with such reliability and stamina. At any rate, you certainly could not buy a new machine as well built as this without spending thousands of dollars!

Serial Number EF015205 puts her manufacture at Singer's Great Clydesbank, Kilbowie Scotland manufacturing facility, commissioned as 1 of 100,000 for production beginning in March 4, of 1949. This model with the belted motor, might also have been sold as a model 15-90. The "K" stands for Kilbowie. It can be easily converted to operation by Crank or Treadle, with a change out to a Spoked style handwheel.

Of course these machines were designed for household sewing, but what these machines EXCEL at is QUILTING ! I've provided a small demonstration piece - to show you how wonderfully the Singer model 15 handle the process. I think you can see quickly how versatile these lovely machines are. This is my personal favorite of the Singer line for free motion quilting work.
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