These are BEAUTIFUL Burberry rainboots that I bought as a treat for my birthday this year! I have worn them maybe twice, but the soles are unblemished, and they are in like-new condition. The beautiful embossed Burberry box is also in wonderful condition, and can be definitely regifted-- that is how pristine this item is!
I wear a standard size 7 and these fit very well. The pattern is the famous Burberry camel Novacheck, with an inlay of the Burberry logo. They have a sleek black trim at the top, which makes these boots look very classy and put together.
I purchased the boots for $195 from , and I will gladly provide the receipt if requested. They are 100% authentic, and 100% amazing.
/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod51130007&ecid=NMCIGoogleBaseFeed&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=X03DD This is the exact same item at Neiman Marcus! They are made of rubber, and are such a relief to wear on rainy days since you can walk fearlessly through any puddle!
Please feel free to ask any questions!

In order to make this an even more lovely gift, I am going to include an official Burberry gift seal, with a luxuriously thick beige ribbon from the Burberry store, both of which will make these boots the perfect treat!