1950/60's Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments Poland x 15

1950/60's Vintage Christmas Ornaments x 15

Christmas Tree Ornaments made in Poland


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Most people who get the bug for collecting Vintage decorations, start out with the easy tree ornaments and other Christmas collectibles, often handed down from grandparents and parents. Others find a collection at a tag or yard sale and so it begins; you add one or several ornaments each year and slowly the collection builds.

The joy is in fact actually being able to display your Christmas collection each year and eventually passing them down to your own children and grandchildren. They also make cherished Christmas gifts that can last an entire lifetime when given by one family member to another, and like the old saying goes, "buy what you love"; especially when the price is right.

Glass bulb tree ornaments from the 1930's, 40's and 50's are by far extremely popular these days with collectors, and tend to fetch prices from as low as five, ten, or twenty dollars, all the way up to several hundred dollars for some of the rarer pieces.

Because these are true relics from the past, all have some signs of wear which may include light scratches, surface wear, spots of paint loss and areas
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