1950 cased Maundy set of 4 coins GB George VI UNC

A complete 1950 British Maundy set of four coins, denominations of 1 groat (4d), threepence (3d), halfgroat (2d) and silver penny (1d). The set comes with an old undated case. The case measures 2 and 3/8 " by 2 and 3/8 " and is maroon in colour. The coins sit on red velvet inside the box and the lid lining is a whitish satin with the words MAUNDY MONEY embossed in gold colour. The box shows very little wear. This is an unofficial box with no design or coat of arms on the lid, and it is fairly light, so it is not that old, but does match the coins nicely. The box does not have any clasp on the front to seal it, but the metal hinge does well to keep it shut. The coins are Uncirculated with an orange-brown toning that is fairly nice. A decent set.
I recommend shipping the box and coins separately as, unfortunately, a small packet cannot be registered by Canada Post. Sending as a parcel or as an Xpresspost package would be very expensive! If you do not like the box, you can buy just the coins, but t is no discount except that I could knock a couple of dollars off shipping.
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