1950 Chevrolet Dealer Promo Model


Especially Chevy lovers.
You're bidding on a metal dealer promo model or replica of what I believe is a 1950 or tabouts model Chevrolet. This metal promo model was found at an estate sale in Washington County, North Carolina and is from the home of the family that once owned House Motor Company, the now defunct Chevy-Oldsmobile dealership in the city of Plymouth, NC. The model measures about 7-1/2 inches long and is free from damage, although as you'll see in the photos t is loss of paint commensurate with its nearly 60 years of age. Notice the photo of the underside w it is apparent that something is missing. I'm wondering if this may have originally been designed as a coin bank and is missing the cover for the opening. Also please take note of the photo showing the top of the car. You'll see it's marked "Grecian Grey", which is I believe the color of the car, and likely one of the color options available on the real Chevy in 1950. We're making the assertion that it was a dealer promotional item based on the color name apperaing on the car and the fact of the word "Chevrolet" being clearly moulded into the grillework on the front of the car as you can see in the photographs.

This old Chevy has the look of a toy that's given the kids and grandkids a lot
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