1950s AUBURN Woodland Forest ANIMALS Complete Set 16 Brown

From my earliest memories, there were two favorite groups of toy plastic animal figures that never left my side - the hard plastic Marx large jungle animals and the soft vinyl plastic Auburn wild animal figures. They represent the finest sculpting ever made and unrivaled even by today's standards. As an adult, and before ebay, it took me a lifetime to locate them again, scouring every resale shop literally from coast to coast whenever I would be reassigned to a new station in the military. And they have lost nothing with age. They are still some of the finest figures ever produced and my favorites. These Auburn vinyl plastic animal figures were marketed in catalogs like Sears and dime stores, sold individually or in boxed groups, sometimes as little as 3 figures per box, and in a Noah's Ark play set, and these Woodland / Forest Animals with Frontier play sets and in boxed sets, and I've been told even included with Lincoln Log sets. They were routinely produced in various colors of a light reddish brown/brick red, white, and dark brown as these are, and occasionally black, red and yellow. This complete set of 16 different animals includes a BISON (American Buffalo), ALASKAN BROWN BEAR eating a Fish, GRIZZLY BEAR swiping with a paw, walking BLACK BEAR, sitting BLACK BEAR, antlered BUCK DEER, sneaking wary DOE DEER, standing DEER FAWN, ... read more