1950's BACHMANN PLASTICVILLE DISPLAY Lighted Old Store Stock Vintage

This is a vintage unused old store stock display for PLASTICVILLE, U.S.A., BY BACHMANN, THE ORIGINAL PLASTIC VILLAGE. It appears to be circa 1950's, perhaps early 1960's. The framed display side measures about 11 x 14". The back has some unused cardboard parts to set up display, and has the original lighting attached. I plugged it in and it works, but it's quite an old light bulb in there, which is a standard 40 watt. The back of display has a label that reads "A Glow Lite", manufactured by Central Lighting Fixture & Supply Co. Phila. 23, Penna. The front of display is very colorful, however it appears to have an inner layer of plastic over the design area, and this layer has a good bit of vertical wrinkling. I don't know if it was made that way, or if the wrinkling can be taken out, I didn't want to mess with it. Also included is the original Bachmann mailing box with Bachmann mailing label which was used to mail this item from Bachmann Bros Inc., Philadelphia 24, Pa. to a store, Nathan Distr. Co., 764 Railroad St,. Johnstown, Pa. I will use this box to mail the display in, and will put a white note card over the label to preserve it so that the post office doesn't cross it out. The box is decent shape with some old store writing as shown. Overall, this is a neat vintage Bachmann display item. Winner pays 12.50 parcel post shipping ... read more