1950'S BARBINI aventurine sommerso Murano MINT birds

1950'S BARBINI aventurine sommerso Murano MINT birds

Note: WE ARE TRYING TO WORK WITH OUR CUSTOMERS TO SEE THAT THEY ARE not TAKEN ADVANTAGE. Due to the crazy new pricing, the freight quotes are just quotes. If the freight is more, an invoice will be issued through Paypal. We are tired of losing on the freight. All international shipments will be conveyed via Express whether its USPS Express, or UPS Express. Thanks for your cooperation.

Measures: 5 - 5 1/2" TALL, 4 1/2 - 5 1/2" WIDE

Description: 1950'S BARBINI birds. One is deep amber with gold wings, tail, and beak. The other one has a lattimo sommerso covered in gold aventurine also with clear wings, tail, and beak covered in gold aventurine. The birds rest atop round bases with gold aventurine. The amber bird has a WEIL/Barbini import label. They both have polished pontils.

Condi tion: MINT !! No damage including chips, cracks, repairs or impact mar ks. A flaw is a defect, visible mark or inclusion in the glass, from the factory, and includes air bubbles, straw lines, unevenness, and variations in color. Damage is a chip, crack, impact mark, scratch, or repair.

Shipping: Combined weight is 2.9 pounds. These will be shipped using USPS. If shipping is less, a refund will be issued. If it is more, and I will provide a receipt, you will
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