Your bidding on one outstanding Wooden Model Boat toy from the 1950's that was made in Japan, it is embossed on the rudder with "Japan" and additionally, it is marked/printed on the box top "RICO & JAPAN" (see the 10th photo-Blue Label) The toy is in excellent condition for this item! The boat would operate on one "C" battery. NOTE: I have not tried a battery to see if it still operates however all the parts & wiring look very clean inside the boat.

This superb looking Christ Craft style of boat is in excellent overall condition. The boat is 9" long and about 3" wide. As indicated it was built as a battery operated toy.

The 'Life Raft', located on the removable rear deck has some nicks & paint missing and t are a couple of very light 'pin head size' scratches and nicks to the paint & t but nothing that is really noticable without looking hard to see it! This is really a gorgeous all wood boat toy. The bare metal parts; Windshield Frame, railings, propeller & shaft, off/on switch, rudder and BOW RUNNING LIGHT are all clean and bright. The faux' windshield glass looks beautiful as can be seen in the third photo.

Except for a couple of light brush marks on the white paint - probably w someone touched-up a bit, the paint looks all original and is very clean all-over the boat body. The bottom
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