1950s Caterpillar New 8U Dozer + More Sales Catalog NM

For your consideration today is this great looking vintage 1950's Caterpillar booklet or magazine titled Let's Talk Bulldozers, with one part showing what they call the new 8U Caterpillar. This item was given out or picked up at the William H. Ziegler company out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is an item that remains in basically almost new condition with only the faintest signs of handling, very clean with nice glossy pages, the item is from around the mid 50's we assume, it is 16 pages long including the front and back covers, it measures 10.75" tall by 8.25" wide, the front shows two dozers in action which is pretty neat, the inside talks about all the features and why you should chose a Cat, the middle shows the cutaway of the engine, then a chart with some spec's showing the five model selling at that date, the D2, the D4, the D6, the D7 and the new D8. The D8 is featured on the next page with a large picture that is great looking, then more details and pictures in action, so has lots of things for the dozer collector. This is a great looking magazine that is in super shape, and would be a fine piece for any vintage Caterpillar or advertising related collection! Thanks very much for your interest, and please try to email any questions you may have before the last day or hours as we may not be able to answer them in time. We ... read more