1950's Children's games Ford Popular lamps boys girls Original Oil by JOE RUST

JOE SAYS: Hello, and welcome to my Ebay listings. I’ll be adding new original oil paintings eachSunday so please keep your eye on it. Please note, I'm away next week so this painting can't be posted until my return on the 17th. This painting is entitled:
"Children's games."

It doesn't take much to spark in me an idea for a painting. This one came about after hearing a song on the radio called "This used to be our playground".

I instantly began to think of the scene that used to be our playground, and it was one pretty much as depicted here. On spare land where old houses had once stood we played with what we found available, so abandoned cars, car tyres, rope swings from the lamps and so on. Then, when we got thirsty it was off to the corner shop for a drink of Tizer, or maybe a frozen Jubbly!

See how many children's games you can recognise. There's all the things we used to do such as 'King of the castle,' footie, hopscotch, skipping, a rope swing, fencing like Zorro with a wooden stick, rolling an old car tyre, and even a see-saw made of an oil drum and an old plank. The poor lad sat on it has no-one to sit on the other end with him though, and points to it - just as a rather unsteady lad goes by on his roller skates! The painting also contains two of Joe's eternal truths, in my world all boys have
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