1950's CISCO KID and PONCHO 2 Face Masks + 6 Lapel Pins

In this auction you will find a Very Rare NEW OLD STOCK Advertising Sales Group (1 GROUP )
2 Paper Masks, Plus 6 Label Pins.
This very unique group was a sales Advertising items for promoting The CISCO KID on Radio and Television on the 1950's. On the back of the 2 face masks you will find the BUTTER-NUT KID and BETTY BLUE GIGHAM both selling BUTTER-NUT BREAD.
On TV WOI-TV channel 4 every Thursday 5 to 5:30 PM,
On Radio KRANT Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 to 7:30 PM. See and hear the exciting adventures of Cisco and Pancho as they track down outlaws of the Old West once a week on Television and three times a week on Radio. ------------------------------------------------------------- Fold back tabs, measure length of string needed for head size and attach ends to tabs. Note: Tabs may be reinforced with gummed or scotch tape. @1949 Dan R. Miner Co.
Rare Cisco Kid Commercials Advertising items -----------------------------------------------------------------
It is little remembered today, but many syndicated programs had commercials and ad items like these face masks and lapel pins made for them by the regional sponsors who paid for their broadcast on local stations.
The Cisco Kid was the first television series
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