1950s Coca-Cola Coke Toy Dispenser Soda Fountain

1950s Coca-Cola Coke Toy Dispenser Soda Fountain

This Vintage Coca-Cola Toy Soda Fountain Dispenser was manufactured in the 1950s by Trim Molded Pro. Burlington, Wisconsin.

The dispenser is constructed of red, hard plastic with "Drink Coca-Cola" in raised white letters on both sides. The backside has a white plastic inset with "Have a Coke Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." within a circle. Front of dispenser has a door that flips up and allows the "Coke" bottle to be loaded. The bottle is attached to the spigot, which is made of plastic, metal, and rubber. Fountain dispenser measures approximately 11" length - 9" height -5 1/2" width.

We no longer have the original box, but the Operating Instructions on the box were:

Uncap bottle Twist handle unit into bottle Slide bottle into toy dispenser Pull down handle
and Dispense directly from the bottle

The coca-cola dispenser is in excellent condition - no cracks or breaks and the red and white colors are bright and shiny. No missing parts. The spigot is very sturdy hard plastic, metal and rubber that slides into the older style coke bottle (included). When the handle is pulled down, the coke is dispensed straight from the bottle into the glass. All 4 original mini Coke glasses are present.