CLASSYGOOD LOOKING 1950s ORIGINAL DAISY BB GUN PLYMOUTH, MICHIGAN ADVERTISING TAG IS READY FOR YOUR COLLECTION – OR TO ATTACH TO YOUR GUN. Some times those long waits in line at estate tag sales pays off—and this one proves it! The photos show both sides of this nifty 3 x 4-inch light cardboard original, estate-sale-fresh and ready to display in your collection, or with your favorite bb gun. Family members said “Great Granddad worked for the Daisy Company for many years and from time-to-time would bring home odds and ends from the plant.” This nifty original was part of that group and will be finding a new home in this ebay auction. Others may be offered at a later date, but for now, just this one. But, what does the term “sample” mean on one side of the piece? I’m told the tags were used at national toy shows, much like they are today, explaining details of the item for wholesale buyers. Since it was not made for the general public, not many were made – or survived. Look close, t at the bottom for the “Plymouth, Michigan” statement, not far from the Detroit suburb w it was found. As some price guide writers say "when an item is mint, throw away the book and let the auction began--they'll decide what it's worth." So that is what I'm going to do, let ebay bidders decide the price in this "absolute" auction. That means regardless

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