1950s Deluxe BRAZIL/ARGENTINA Color Interiors w/ Plans - SSHSA sHiPs WORLDWIDE

Moore McCormack Lines: A colorful cruise brochure for the mid-1950s South America service of the BRAZIL and ARGENTINA. The former Panama Pacific liners were in their final years before being replaced by new ships in 1958.
Color photos, unidentified as to ship, show the Dining Room, Library, Verandah Cafe, Bar and Smoking Room, Main Lounge, and two cabins. Other photos show carousing passengers on deck.
In the center are fold-out plans that open to 23" by 24". Five decks are shown in details with extensive color-coding.
Large destination photos showcase Rio ("The city that fulfills the dream!"), Santos and Sao Paulo ("Twin capitals of coffee's kingdom") Montevideo (An ingratiating city and a famous beach resort!), and Buenos Aires (A great and cosmopolitan world capital).
Good condition with light cover wear and a fold down the center.

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