1950s Hawaii Hula girl naughty topless penny toy

This was designed to wiggle and do the hula dance when you turn the crank at the bottom. The material is still soft, pliable, and subtle. But I haven't played with it for years for fear of the crank breaking all the way though. I'll leave that up to the winner if he or she so chooses to play with it. Something this old made of this material should be just for show of the campy trite silly stuff that was made for tourist during this time period. It is all original including the skirt and I also have the clear box with graphic palm tree background. The box is distorted and no longer terribly clear as that material clouds over time so no need to photo. But still nice to have as it is original and comes with the toy. The graphic paper background with the palm tree is mint perfect. Lightweight so I can send with the mail for $2.80 to the winning bidder. Everything I sell is as is and described as I see it to the best of my ability. Nothing more and nothing less although money cheerfully refunded if I've accidentally stated or described something incorrectly. Otherwise, all sales are final. Please don't assume that as a seller I know more than a collector or informed person on this type of item but please email if you think I can supply any other information or answer your questions.