VINTAGE 1950s KUNDO 400 DAY CLOCK GERMANY KIENINGER & OBERGFELL, with glass dome, original key, extra spring (according to former owner), instructions and WITH ORIGINAL BOX. An old evelope from the former owner states this was purchased from Marshall Field and Co. for $40 plus $8.00 federal Exc. tax plus 80 cents sales tax and was delivered on April 18, 1953. T is a straight piece of metal taped to the instruction guide-I assert that is the extra spring he references. Later, in 1972, someone added a handwritten note explaining some of the idiosyncracies of the clock. I couldn't do anything with it-way above my pay grade. The winding mechanism is frozen. Hence, clock doesn't work. Note tha one of the top finials is broken off and gone. Original box is trashed-missing a flap, heavy staining and graphics loss-but original box nonetheless (VERY, VERY IMPORTANT: BOTTOM OF BOX HAS LOST ITS TAPE SO SUPPORT IT CAREFULLY WHEN UNPACKING-IT WILL SHIP IN A BIGGER SHIPPING BOX). Glass dome in good condition but dirty-I'll leave its cleaning to you. Clock is dirty, too. Very neat piece. Other vintage. clocks listed.

All Sales in US Dollars. Illinois residents pay 7.0% sales tax. INTERNATIONAL/FOREIGN CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT mark the customs form as a "gift" nor will I place a lesser amount on the form. Hence, YOU will have
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