Please review thew photos as I am not sure what is missing, what particular playsets are represented and what some of the extras are. This i s huge lot of vintage tin, plastic and rubber play set parts. For sure I know t is a Marx Davey Crockett figure, t is a Davy crocket Alamo tin building, 9 tin panels with lithographed detail of a fort, a Fort laramie plastic sign, a building litho'd REGIMENTAL HEADQUARTERS, a metal buiulding with SILVER DOLLAR MUSIC HALL, GENERAL STORE & WELLS FARGO. One tin panel is marked IDEAL. T are lots of fence posts, stockade panels, trees, plastic accessories, plastic figures, etc., etc. T is even a box of straggler parts and pieces including what looks like a Plasticville barn. may of these items are not for Play sets. Please review the photos and feel free to ask questions. This neat lot of vintage marx Davy Crockett Alamo, Fort laramie and Wells fargo playset pieces and parts will make a great addition to any vintage play set or vintage television show comic character tin toy collection.