1950s Metalcraft 3D Floral Picture Print

The pictures are made by the Metalcraft Corp, Chicago 14, Illinois. This is the quote from the back: "You are looking at an original creation. It is an original creation. Its unusual realism is brought into being by the DIMENSION 111 process. The picture is actually molded into the third dimension so that the highlights truly standout....the shadows are really there. This process is the result of years of intensive effort by the skilled artists at Metalcraft Corp. Dedicated to the new development of a new and improved art form. The painter's skill, the magic of sculpture and the craftsmen in our studios and workshop bring you this new beauty: DIMENSION 111 the new dimension in dramatic wall decor for your home." It features Poppies in a pewter mug. The description says that they are poppies, however I think that the flowers are actually hibiscus and poppies. The white flower with the deep red throat and yellow pistel are a stand out with the deep red of the poppies. A truly beautiful picture of light and dark shadings. The pewter mug even has a raised design. This is from the line called FLORALS # 7048 The frame is 12" by 14'. The metal frame has a blond [possibly bleached mahogany] finish. The frames are a full 1 inch deep. The front of the frame has a 1/4 " gold finish border with a diamond embossed design. There is also a white ... read more