1950's Minnesota Line Farm Machinery Booklet Stillwater

For your consideration today is this vintage early 1950's machinery dealers sales brochure featuring the Minnesota Line Farm Equipment, that was made at the Stillwater Minnesota State Prison, in Stillwater, Minnesota. To this day, I still believe they make certain products like the license plates for the state, but boy, they made some fine pieces of machinery in those early days, and this is a nice sampling from the company.This is great looking booklet that is one dandy display item, it is from the early 50's with the front featuring the name plus a tractor and manure spreader, it is also marked with the items they made which were tractor mowers, side delivery rakes, hay loaders, manure spreaders, grain binders and twines and ropes. The item measures 8.5" by 4" wide when in the first folded position, then the first page shows the officials and warden, which was L. F. Utecht, then talks about their industry, then the first foldout section shows a great pair of spreaders that are in black, red or orange, green and yellow colors, the first is the tractor trailer spreader, the second is the four wheel spreader, this is now measuring about 8.25" tall by 15" wide, then the next foldout is even better and larger, showing more great pieces of equipment that are so neat to just look at, it shows the Minnesota tractor side rake, the Minnesota ... read more