1950s MR Rocket Aerobee-Hi Launch Ft Churchill Manitoba


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Grading Standard: Modern Reproduction Real-Photo Size: 10 by 8 inches Other Notes: Navy Aerobee-Hi Roars into Arctic Sky -- Aerojet-General's Aerobee-Hi scientific sounding rocket is shown being launched at Fort Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. This rocket had an important role in space exploration during the International Geophysical Year. Last October an Aerobee-300, launched from Fort Churchill by Navy technicians, climbed 260 miles, setting a new record for the Aerobee series. Aerobee rockets are widely used by Naval Research Laboratory for upper-air soundings at various levels. They are produced at Aerojet-General's Azusa, California facilities. Photo by Aerojet-General Corp. - 1058-1199.

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