1950s Park Sherman Liquor Dispenser Color Shot Glasses

This classic liquor dispenser was made by The Park Sherman Company. Theglass base has a diamond quilt pattern, and a chrome tray rests on itsshoulders. The tray is designed to hold shot glasses, and I'm including these colorful shot glasses. This set would be a beautiful addition to a bar collection! Like miniature snifters, the shot glasses have large round bowls on a wide foot. Each bowl is a different color, with some bordering on fluorescent. Colors include azure blue, amber, vaseline yellow-green, emerald, lime, amethyst and pink. All of the glasses are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. Each is 2" tall. They look great married up with this Park Sherman dispenser!

The dispenser works simply by pulling up and pushing down on the red ball plunger. The original seal was cracked and dry, and literally crumbled when I took this apart to clean it, but can easily be replaced with another gasket. The dispenser was found to be in working order, so in addition to looking pretty cool on your bar top, it can be used functionally.

This piece is in excellent condition overall, with no chips or cracks in the glass, and no corrosion on the chrome parts. Marked with the Park Sherman logo on the tray, and with the name on the base of the glass decanter.

The Park Sherman Company operated in Springfield, Illinois, and
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