1950's Petites Choses USA Figurine Cast Birdman 2 Cages

This is an interesting cast iron figurine with accessories made by Petites Choses (USA), probably in the 1950's. The statue is of a birdman carrying birdcages, one small and one large, with birds both inside and on top. The figurine is made out of cast iron. The twisted rope/harness and the cages are also made out of metal. The birds appear to be made out of some type of plastic. The figurine is mounted on a round brass base with felt on the bottom. Everything is in very good condition, just a little paint loss on the back of his shorts. The Petites Chose (pineapple) sticker on the bottom of the base is still in mint condition. I believe this to be a complete set. The statue is 5 in. tall.

Please email me if you have any questions and thank you for your interest.