1950's Pink Vintage Melmac Melamine Plastic Dishes MOD

From an estate sale, I'm offering for you today this beautiful vintage pretty pink 1950's GRANT-CREST Melmac Set for four plus many extras! The lady who had it said she kept it boxed up in her attic and never used it because it was for "special occasions"! She said back in the 50's you could buy the pieces you needed and she custom built this set for four, adding on a few extras. I've been collecting melmac for some time and this is one set that I hate to part with as it is very rare! Grant Crest is hard to come by. It was made for the W. T. Grant Co by Prolon. It contains the "GRANT CREST" SHIELD marking on most pieces. HISTORY: In 1906 the first " W. T. Grant Co. 25 Cent Store" opened in Lynn, Massachusetts . Modest profit, coupled with a fast turnover of inventory, caused the stores to grow to almost $100 million a year in sales by 1936! In the 70's he died, and the stores turned into the modern day Kresge's and KMart's, but this melmac has been long gone!

So this is an unused dime store set which is ultra rare! Most pieces are mint , very shiny and new, with no visible scratches or use marks! Some of the pieces show light scuffs from the set being stacked for so long but t are NO deep knife marks on this set. I also want to mention that half the pieces are marked w/the shield and logo and tiny numbers, and half the pieces
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