1950s Rocket Clock - Vintage - Rare - Lanshire Self Starting - STILL WORKS!

Up for auction today is a Great looking 1950s Rocket Clock The face of the clock is chrome/metal with a Sweeping Rocket Second hand, The Big rocket itself has a light (and light switch) at the bottom of the rocket, looks great, very vintage/retro looking
The Full Base of the unit is approx 14" x 4 1/2" The Rocket shoots off at a 45 degree angle and is approx 15 1/2" Tip to tail, the clocks face is approx 4"
This is not NEW, this is sold as is, the hour/minute hands are cracking and the overall 'finish' on this is pretty worn On the back of the clock their are small 'cracks' nothing deep , just the finish is worn , On the back of the clock it reads "Lanshire Self Starting" On the bottom of the face of the clock it reads " Pioneer Self Starter" This DOES work when plugged in ,You can hear the motor but it does work great The WHITE round sticker on the base will be removed and the base will be cleaned, Final cleaning will be left for buyer. The pictures with the light bulb, the light bulb is not 'secure' not sure if this is by design or if it should be suspended somehow.
check out the pics, if you have any questions please message us
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