1950s South Korean Modern Art o/c Kim Duk Ki (b.1933-) Korea Landscape

Really nice oil by Korean artist Kim Duk Ki Measures approx. 21" x 16 1/4" actual painting. Has the artist resume in Chinese on the verso. Original frame. Framed behind glass.

Here is a great NY Times article on the Korean Art Movements

Below is a summary of a book by Moojeong Chung on the Korean Modern Art Movement.

Abstract Expressionism, Art Informel, and modern Korean art, 1945--1965

Author Chung, Moojeong ISBN/ISSN 9780599626829 Broad Subject Fine Arts
Summary This study discusses the development of modern Korean art in connection with the presence of American and European art in Korea. In particular, it focuses on the relationship between the Informel movement and American and European Abstract Expressionism.

The Korean War, which was brought to the attention of the American art community through the MOMA's 1951 exhibition "Korea: The Impact of War in Photographs," Pablo Picasso's Massacre in Korea of 1951 and War of 1952, and David Smith's Parallel 42 of 1953, forms a backdrop against which to understand Korean Informel art. The war led Korean artists to reject all the existing moral, esthetic values and to start over from zero. Their struggle to create a language to express their unique experience resulted in the Informel movement.

During the 1950s, Korean

The cultural conflicts between the United States and France were another factor that made it easier for Korean artists to embrace Euro-American Abstract Expressionism. In these conflicts, Asian art and culture served as a means for both injuring and defending the prestige of rivaling American and French positions of modern art. In the process, Asian art and culture unexpectedly emerged as a source of artistic independence, originality, and universality. In this sense, what Korean Informel artists saw in Euro-American Abstract Expressionism was a possibility of cultural convergence in which Asian artistic practices have been enjoined with Western artistictraditions.

Language English

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