1950s Uneeda Dollikin 19" Doll Multi-Jointed UNEEDA 2s DOLLIKEN Vintage Toy Doll

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For Sale: Offered for Auction with NO RESERVE is the exact shown, Original Vintage Uneeda Brand 19-Inch "Dolliken" Multi-Jointed Doll. The attached 12 photos with this listing are of the exact doll being offered for auction. Doll appears exactly as shown in all 12 photos. Dolls cosmetic condition appears just as shown. Doll comes with clothing shown, including high-heel shoes, and doll stand.

This doll was originally owned by a life-long collector of vintage dolls. When acquiring this doll I removed the doll from inside a glass curio cabinet. Doll is in wonderful cosmetic and "moving" condition. Doll has 16 moveable joints as shown in the photos. The doll is jointed at the neck, shoulders, upper arms, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Doll has red painted finger nails and toe nails on her arched high-heal feet. Dolls hair appears as shown. Dolls face and make-up is still in excellent condition as well as the blue eyes. Dolls eyes close and open when laying down. Back of the dolls head is marked UNEEDA 2S The only issue I have seen with the doll is on the right leg, it appears the plastic part of the upper leg at the hip joint is "bent-out" it does not effect the dolls movements. I do not know if this
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