1950s Vintage Antique Flexible Flyer Baby Boomer Sled

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We are selling a terrific, vintage antique S L Allen Company genuine Flexible Flyer wooden sled produced around 1950, with metal safety runners and superior steering.
Part of the Airline Series that was produced around 1950. This sled is around 57 years old!
Buy this great, collectible sled now, functional or decorative in a log cabin or on a family room wall!
Among baby boomers, snowy evenings hold notable memories of their childhood. Kids couldn't wait to raise the morning after several inches of snow fell, particularly if school was cancelled as was more likely back then during the days of rural America! Kids would hop on their sled for a day of old-fashioned fun.
Probably no sled was more heralded than the Flexible Flyer, a company that has become part of the folk lore of American businesses. Created over 10 years ago, the Flexible Flyer sled has enjoyed lasting recognition.
The older sleds are still functional and are collected. They are also great hung on a cabin wall or in the family room, extremely nostalgic, decorative items.
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Very good used condition, from a smoke-free environment. The lettering of the names are faded, but can still be seen in the pictures if you look very carefully.
More Information about the Flexible Flyer Sled : Excerpts from "Flexible Flyer: The Story of an American Invention" by Allen Flanigan
The technical superiority of the patented design remains unequaled to this day, at least among sleds of the twin runner type. It is an ideal example of how a strong trademark can indelibly identify a product in the minds of consumers, and of how a patented design can distinguish one product over its competitors. PAT 368802 PAT 368802 Aug. 23, 1887 Early Allen Sled
Samuel Leeds Allen, the inventor of the Flexible Flyer, came from a prominent Philadelphia Quaker family. In the 1860s, he established the S. L. Allen Co. to manufacture farm equipment, including some items of his own invention. In order to diversify his product line and provide work during the winter months, Allen, who was a "coasting" enthusiast since boyhood, set about inventing a sled. Typical designs of the day employed a pair of fixed wooden runners with a third, pivotable steering runner attached to a handle. Allen first experimented with articulated sleds having two or more "bobs" with fixed runners that could pivot relative to each other to provide steering. PAT 381665 PAT 381665 April 24, 1888 Another early Allen Sled
Eventually, he conceived of a sled with runners...

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