1950's Vintage Navajo Indian Doll - Native American!

is a unique piece of the past! I remember this doll being in the family my entire life . . . . This 13" doll was purchased by my grandmother in Gallup , New Mexico during the 1950's, and was passed on to my mother for her collection in 1981. This Navajo matron is made with a tremendous amount of detail. T are layers of clothing, and various sorts of embelishments, which I will explain. The body and head are stuffed flesh-colored cloth, with the legs jointed at the hip. The left leg is signed "Hanabah". Both feet are encased in mocasins made of black & red felt, with tiny beads sewn all around the borders. The soles are tan felt. The lady wears a demure pair of pink panties, trimmed in lavendar. Next is a full length slip, ruffled at the bottom, made of tan cotton. The next, almost identical slip, is made of lavendar cotton. The final skirt is made of cranberry velvet, gatd at the waist, ruffled at the bottom, with green mini-rick-rack trim. Our Navajo lady is wearing a long-sleeved, high-necked blouse of green velvet, decorated at the neck with tiny white beads and mock-silver conchos, each of which is stamped with a different design. Continuing over her shoulders, this design also enhances the back of her blouse. These, as well as the white beads, are held in place with straight pins, the heads of which have darkened with age. ... read more