Here is a NICE, SUPER RARE & 100% ORIGINAL pair of 1952-1955 SAITAMA-JAPAN LICENSE PLATES up for grabs with NO touch-ups w/ some wear....The 2 silver bolt mounts have the same exact figures as the plate does...I googled these, and it says these were for "FOREIGN FORCES" in Japan at that time, I found these in photos after googling JAPANESE LICENSE PLATES.....My japanese cleaners guy says the symbol on the left stands for "ground", the starfish means "big", and he was unsure of the 3rd one.....PAIR measures approx. 6 x 16 1/2 inches.....GREAT DISPLAY @ almost 60 years old...& counting!!!.....Interesting additions for specific collector or plate/antique/car buff! >>Shipping $11.50- to Canada......$20- roughly to other countries......$10.00 shipping USA.