1952 DENVER Mint 90% Silver Birth year MATCHED 5 coin set ~circulated ~neat gift

Photos show actual item. All 5 coins are from the Denver Mint and bear the "D" mint mark. The half, quarter, and dime are 90% silver. I am not a coin dealer or expert so please use the photo zoom to evaluate grade.
This is a "matched" year set in that all 5 coins are from a single Mint . If a year set listing on eBay does not specify the Mint location, it likely contains a mix. Each year was different, but in some cases one Mint may have struck over 10 times the number of coins as another Mint! This makes matched sets that much more interesting. Matched sets from a single Mint (e.g., San Francisco, Denver, Philadelphia) can simplify gift giving because you know what to give next time - a matched set from one of the other Mints! Or start a collection such as all the sets from the 50's, the 60's, the WWII years, your high-school years - or just the sets from the Mint nearest your home, where you grew up, and so on!
The economy plastic coin holder does not have a protective case and may have some small scratches, scuffs, and tiny air bubbles - but nothing egregious . The coins can be removed and placed in a fancier holder such as one with oak trim and so on. If giving this as a gift, this holder separates into two halves and you can insert personalized messages, small photographs, or whatever. While the holder has a frosted
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