Up for bid is a 1952 Topps card #1

Andy Pafko...Black Back

Since this is a very important card, I will go into more detail on it and the condition.

This is considered the very first Topps card produced. The 1952 set is the holy grail of post war baseball sets and as in all vintage sets, the first and last card usually demand a premium as they were subjected to more possible abuse than the rest of the cards as they were always on the top or bottom of stacks. Also, rubberbands being the popular way to keep them together had more effect on the faces and edges.

This card, as well as the rest to #80 came in 2 variations. A red back and a black back. The red back is more valuable, bringing $5,000 in near mint condition while the black back brings $3,000.

This card is in excellent contition. It is off centered fr0m the left to right and is very well centered top to bottom. All 4 corners are nice with both the bottoms and the top right corners being nice and sharp with the top left having a very slight but sharp dogear about 1/64" long. The edges are nice and clean, no notching or chipping and t is a thumbnail grab on the upper left edge. Also, t is a 45 degree wrinkle that starts about 1 inch from the top left corner and goes to about w his shoulder is on the left side of the card. The back is
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