1952 Topps #277 Early Wynn Indians HOF 99¢ Special

99¢ Special

For those who believe they would prefer a hole in a card over a hole in the collection


This is a 1952 Topps Baseball Card #277 Early Wynn


FILL ***

The major issue leading to the FILL grade is:

Paper loss and a crease.

Please see the scan and judge for yourself, note the centering and ask for additional scans if you would like a closer look. I usually do not comment on the card back unless there is a serious issue of note. I am glad to provide back scans upon request.

*** If the grade is Fill, that stands for Filler and is intended for the lower grade collector, or as a card to fill a hole until a better one to be obtained. While Fill cards are not noted as poor, fair or good, they are undoubtedly less than VG. You can decide from the scan and description, what you want to call it .

Grading Discussion

My grading is consistent with my interpretation of descriptions found in the Beckett price guides. If you are one who sends cards to be graded by "experts", I encourage you to request e-mailed scans to satisfy yourself as to the grade. I cannot guarantee that grading companies with high tech instruments will match my grades in all instances. If you don't agree with the grade I give to
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