1952 Vintage Roy Rogers Alarm Clock

This is an original 1951 or 1952 Roy Rogers clock manufautured by the E. Ingraham Co. It's in perfect working condition and Trigger and Roy rock back and forth for hours as it keeps perfect time; and yes, the alarm does work. An interesting point to serious antique dealers is that some versions has an inscription of Roy Rogers and Trigger near the center of the clock face as this one has,( see picture),bringing the value between $125-$400. The versions that do not have this inscription are from $85-$150. This can be substantiated in Robert W. Phillips 1995 book, Roy Rogers: A Biography, Radio History, Television Career. See page 269 on Collectables and Merchandise History .The condition of the clock is faily obvious from the picture. The paint is in very good shape. The gold plating around the glass face is slightly oxidized. A small corner is missing in the upper right corner of the glass face. In the back w the speed adjustment is the lever is broken off but it still moves freely if one wanted to adjust it with the tip of a small knife blade. All in all since this clock is in good working order with only minor cosmetic flaws I'd expect the value could easily be placed in the mid range price mentioned above. Happy bidding and good luck!

Updated information : The lesser valued version of this clock was sold on for $278.0
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