1953 12 Volume Set Of My Bookhouse Plus Guidebook

Being offered is this 1953 set of 12 volumes + the guide volume book of My Book House books.. Volume 1 in the nursery, 2- story time, 3- Up one pair of stairs, 4-through the gate, 5-over the hills, 6-through fairy halls, 7-the magic garden, 8-flying sails, 9-the treasure chest, 10-from the tower window, 11-in shining armor, 12-hall of fame, and the parents guide book.. Of these volumes, 3-12 and the guide book are all in nice condition..Volumes 1 & 2 both have some issues with the bindings being somewhat loose, corner and edges are soft, both show some cover wear, and the pages.. Volume 2 has pages 13-18 which have come detached from the binding and are just placed back in, as well as one of those pages which have been taped together.. all other pages are intact and in nice shape..Other than that, all the other volumes are in very nice condition.. It appears that vol. 1 and 2 had the most use and then no one bothered with the rest of them.. I would think that if those 2 could be replaced that it would be a real nice set of books.. although both are very readable and useable.. Media mail shipping will keep the cost down of shipping and will be applied..