1953 AMI E-80 Jukebox w/ Original Service Manual 80 Selections with 45's

I have just re-wired all the 110 VAC main lines and put ALL NEW TUBES in it. All lights work. Plays records. Drop mechanism lubed and working great! Volume control now working fine, as are bass and treble controls, see next to last video, https://youtu.be/V_x2y_AdGyM Re-wired harness to turntable, a wire broke while fixing the volume issue. Audio is distorted from my camera taking video. Holds 40 45's, playing both sides gives 80 selections. Running about 39 RPM. Original manual included. Comes with a full set of 45's. There are 25 or so extra 45's, from the 50's to early 70's. I saw a Louis Armstrong and Henry Mancini in the extras box. It is assembled and functional now. Did not check coin mechanism for operation.
Pushing button and playing record
End of record and shutoff https://youtu.be/oh9To8JoA2w
After Cable rebuild due to broken wire while fixing volume. Volume, Bass and Treble adjusted while taking video. https://youtu.be/V_x2y_AdGyM
Animation motor added, all light shields now move normally. https://youtu.be/ltbl_0G6MhY