1953 August 10 LIFE Magazine - IRISH FASHION - Tour de France - Oregon Coast

1953 August 10 LIFE Magazine - KOREAN TRUCE - Tour de France - Oregon Coast

Issue August 10, 1953 (108 pages) Cover: Irish Invade Fashion World.

Condition: Very nice inside pages; tape along the spine edge & minor edge dings on the cover page

Some Contents:

Speaking of Pictures: A madcap professor (Dr. Hubert Alyea, Princeton) gives explosion-filled lecture to explain atomic bomb <>Photographic Essay (Michael Rougier & Jun Miki): How the Truce Came to Korea - In last long minutes, men dared to smile - Then came the time to gather the dead - The Truce Ceremony Was Hostile Tableau

Our Goals in Europe

Photographic Essay (Eliot Elisofon): A Trip Down the Oregon Coast - The wild, far western shores are still unspoiled

'...the Ugliest Man Since Lincoln' by Robert Coughlan

Fashion: Enterprise in Old Erin

Art: World's Second Biggest Painting - Finished in 1918 by 128 French Artists - Tribute to the Allied Forces

Sports: Spectacle of the Bicycles: Tour de France - 21-day, 2,775-mile French race draws millions

Movie: "The Band Wagon" - Fred Astaire

LIFE Goes to a Tennessee Rope Jump in Woodlee, outside Chattanooga

Great Vintage Ads! Ava Gardner - Lustre Creme; Pall Mall; Mercury and other autos; Pepsi
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