1953 Lyman Boat Works, Sandusky Ohio original brochure

Authentic, original 1953 brochure for the Lyman Boat Works, Sandusky Ohio . The brochure measures 8.5 in x 11 in and opens to four panels. it is filled with photos of various models of Lyman boats with specifications. Includes the Islander, the Leader, the Ideal, the Angler. Some models are inboards and some are outboards. Beautiful wooden boats for fishing or sport. The Lyman Boat Works was founded in 1875 in Cleveland, Ohio when a young German immigrant, Bernard Lyman, built himself a lap-stake rowboat. People soon took notice of the qualities of this type of construction and Lyman was in business. At first, his customers were liveries, fishermen, and amusement parks. Lyman's interests weren't limited to row boats. By the 1890's he had branched out into sailing craft and his shop became one of the most successful wooden boat shops in Cleveland. By 1896 Lyman had left the sailboats for motorboats, which were becoming the newest mode of water transport. credit: