1953 New Case All Purpose Tractor (VAC-14) Brochure

A great brochure that is titled '' New Case (VAC-14) All Purpose Tractor , Low Seat Model, 2 Plow Power, For Side Hill Stability, For Easy Mounting, Low Platform.'' The brochure is 7 3/4'' by 10- 1/2'' and has eight pages. The brochure also has no rips, tears or writing on it and has a number '' Form No. A4853E Printed in U.S.A. and J.I.Case Co., Racine, Wisconsin.'' The man who we got these from had over 1000 different brochures stacked up in his closets for over 65 years until we got them and decided to sell them on ebay at a no reserve price.The brochure has a ton of articles and pictures in it such as, '' clean cut lines, safe operation, low cost operation, sealed construction, power saving transmission, complete hydraulic controls, your choice of front mounted or rear mounted row crop cultivators, over 30 quick on eagle hitch implements, enjoy power at 6 points, shock proof steering, keeps going on heavy pulls, complete wheel adjustment for all row crops, enjoy over 50 important conveniences, specifications.'' This is a great brochure that every collector should appreciate so bethe bidder and be the winner of this brochure today. Remember that you can place 3 to 5 of these in one package so see if any others fits your needs. These brochures are about as good as they get.