1953 Plymouth "5-Minute Warm-Up" Dealer's Education Brochure

1953 Plymouth 5-Minute Warm-Up

A Presentation on how to sell more Plymouth cars

This little gem (7" by 8") is a tutorial (complete with multiple-choice quiz) for the salesmen in the Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial dealerships. It laid out the entire "dramatic presentation" from first greeting to closing the deal, and the process was proven to work. And naturally, you needed to know the product, which in this case was a Cranbrook 4-door sedan, so there's lots of general information on the Plymouth products.

Despite its age, this little piece is in good condition, showing minimal wear. There is a hole in the front cover where something was stapled to it along the top edge and removed roughly. Inside there are no stray marks, no tears or folds. The book is complete, and pages are tightly held by the original staples.

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Item is offered 'as is' in the condition stated above. There will be no returns.


My father opened a Chrysler Plymouth dealership in 1940 and has collected a great deal of Chrysler Motors dealer promotional materials, which I will be listing for auction. If you should have a special request for promotional brochures for a Plymouth or Chrysler model you don't see here, let me know.