This auction is for a 1953 Studebaker Drag Doorslammer/ProMod type resin body that I cast. This is an ORIGINAL casting by me, altho this body is VERY popular in the full size racing world, I have NEVER seen anyone else do it for a drag slot car in this scale! This is made to fit an original Aurora "Specialty Chassis" (4 gear),but will fit a newer Aouto World chassis if you do some shaing on the body mounts on the chassis, or remove them. Also may work on other chassis as well, with some mods. For you 'Scale" guys out there, this would actually be closer to a 1/64 scale, but as I said, fits a 4 gear chassis, in the long wheelbase option. The chassis in the pics is NOT included, BODY and ACCESSORIES ONLY. The body in the pics is primed to show a better pic, yours will be in white unpainted resin. This 'kit' will include the body, a resin blower, two chutes for the rear, and clear plastic to cut the windows. There ARE body mounts molded in on this one. It is recommended that the buyer/builder have some modeling experience, as you will need to fill a pinhole or two, plus prep this to paint. Plus, add in whatever sanding you need to do to the mounts for clearance. This can be a VERY nice looking body to use. I have done several myself, and they really do look good.

Shipping will be to the continental U.S. ONLY (at this time, considering
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