1953 Topps #37 Eddie Mathews VGEX B45992

The Battersbox Sportscards

We thank you for looking at our Ebay Store. We will strive to keep a large inventory of Vintage Cards in various grades at Fair Prices. We will offer a no questions asked Return Policy. You have 48 Hours after receipt of the item to email that you will be returning the item. Shipping on returned items will not be refunded or reimbursed. We have a 100 Page Mail Order Catalog that we send out every 6 weeks as well. We have thousands of cards in inventory that are not in our ebay store. Below is a brief synopsis of our Grading Scale.

NMMT A truly exception card. Centering 60/40 Or better with nearly flawless corners. Our Highest Grade.

NM+ A near perfect card. Centering is 65/35 or better with one corner with minor wear. Card is in focus and free of print lines.

NM/NM+ A grade for Commons only. Card will either be NM or NM+. A true high grade card

NM A beautiful card. Centering is 75/25 or better with sharp corners. Could have minor wear on 2 corners. Card is in focus and free of print lines. EXMT+ Very Close to NM. Centering is 75/25 or better. Corners can have minor touches on them, but they still all come to a point.

EXMT/EXMT+ A grade for Commons only. Card will be either EXMT or EXMT+. EXMT Still a Nice High Grade Card. Centering is 80/20 or Better.
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